The stories of the objects between archaeology and science: a critical and conscious approach towards objects, both contemporary and ancient Egyptian. Participants are encouraged to question themselves about the peculiarities of a chosen artifact of the museum collection, highlighting its most significant aspects.

With the help of an Egyptologist and of the data obtained, the goal is to reconstruct the history of the object by identifying the main phases of its biography: identity, loss and rebirth.

At the end of the meeting, participants can experiment, in a workshop activity, the same approach on a contemporary object chosen by them. The experience aims to raise awareness of the importance of material culture and to stimulate respect for objects as witnesses of human existence and bridges between generations.

The Online Meeting is a new virtual activity made available by the Museo Egizio, a digital experience focused on the students to be enjoyed in the classroom with the guidance of an Egyptologist during a live web connection with the Museum.
The exchange with the Egyptologist, who invites observation, strengthens the critical approach of the students, who become the protagonists of the live meeting. Video contributions, animations and artwork created ad hoc make the contents more engaging and effective.

Online meeting | 60 min | Only available in Italian
75,00 € per group

For info and reservations please contact the number +39 011.4406903 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6.30 pm).

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