Beds and stools, food and drinks, clothes and wigs, make-up and tools: everything you need to live forever! The grave goods of Kha and Merit allow to discover how Egyptians lived 3,400 years ago. Each participant assembles and personalizes their wooden box with Egyptian motifs.

Thematic workshop with an Egyptologist. Each participant creates his own handcrafted object in order to apply the new skills acquired.

Workshop | 120 min Italian
210,00 € per group (max 25 participants)
+1,00 € each per ticket (including two teachers per class)

Workshop | 120 min in English, French, Spanish and German
250,00 € per group (max 25 participants)
+1,00 € each per ticket (including two teachers per class)

The teaching room is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and all the material necessary for the workshop.

For info and reservations please contact the number +39 011.4406903 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6.30 pm).

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