Live online experience to discover the territory, the climate and the daily life of the ancient inhabitants of the Nile Valley. Students are encouraged to reflect on how environment and climate influenced the behavior and activities of the Egyptians.

Special focuses are dedicated to fauna and flora, with particular attention to their symbolic value and to the professions that have characterized a culture that lasted for thousand years.

The Online Meeting is a new virtual activity made available by the Museo Egizio, a digital experience focused on the students to be enjoyed in the classroom with the guidance of an Egyptologist during a live web connection with the Museum. The activity allows to discover in detail some of the objects of the collection and to interact with an Egyptologist. Video contributions, animations and artwork created ad hoc make the contents more engaging and effective.

The contents of this experience provide useful coordinates to approach the study of ancient Egyptian civilization.


Online meeting | 70 min | Italian
80,00 € per group

Online meeting | 70 min | English
120,00 € per group


Before making your reservation, please check the minimum requirements to activate the meeting:

For info and reservations please contact the number +39 011.4406903 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6.30 pm).


VADEMECUM: inspired by the specific contents of the meeting, it organizes and deepens the topics dealt with through didactic materials to be used DURING and AFTER the live web meeting with the Egyptologist.
QUIZ: a fun way to check in the classroom, AFTER the live web meeting with the Egyptologist, what the students learned.