A guided tour focused on a selection of objects useful to observe and recognize the typical elements of Egyptian art.

The students will then choose an object from the collection and draw it in the museum galleries. In conclusion they will compare their work and discuss the difficulties encountered.

The class will receive images of other objects of the collection in order to continue the activity at school.

Tour + Workshop | 180 min in Italian
8,00 € each (min 15 – max 25 participants)
+3,00 € each per ticket

Tour + Workshop | 180 min in English, French or Spanish
10,00 € each (min 15 – max 25 participants)
+3,00 € each per ticket

The activity can only be carried out by one class at a time.

For info and reservations please contact the number 011.4406903 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6.30 pm).

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The stories of the objects between archaeology and science: a critical and conscious approach towards objects, both contemporary and ancient Egyptian. Participants are encouraged to question themselves about the peculiarities of a chosen artifact of the museum collection, highlighting its most significant aspects. Read all

60 min

75,00 € per group