Special guided tour created by Scuola Holden – Contemporary Humanities, which allows students to learn about the powers and the features of the ancient Egyptian gods!

Thanks to compelling stories, the class discovers divinities with extraordinary powers, similar to those of some famous superheroes: who controls the waters of the river, causing terrible floods; who creates the desert with the simple breath; who senses the lies thanks to a feather on which the fate of every mortal depends! Some of them, if necessary, are able to transform themselves into ferocious animals, while others stand out in the crowd of divinities thanks to particular signs of recognition.

Visiting the galleries of the museum, students learn to recognize similarities and differences between these special characters, immersing themselves in the stories of which each object is a witness. Hope, desire, fear and respect: these are some of the aspects that characterize the relationship between human beings and gods.

Guided tour | 90 min
5,50 € each (min 15 – max 25 participants) – Only available in Italian
+1,00 € each per ticket (including two teachers per class)
Special tour subject to availability

For info and reservations please contact the number 011.4406903 (Monday to Friday, 9 am – 6.30 pm).

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